E-Lighters FAQ


‣ How long does shipping take? 7-14 days for US and 15-30 days for rest of world

‣ How much is shipping? We offer FREE shipping to everyone


Do I need to refill this lighter? Our lighters are fully electric and do not require any fuels. When the lighter is dead, simply recharge it using the included charging cable and you can use it again!

How long does charging take? About an hour. Unplug immediately after charging is done because overcharging can shorten your lighter's battery life.

How long does the battery last? 100-300 uses from full charge, or about a week.

Are they waterproof? No, do not put the E-Lighters in water or other liquids, or it will cause a short circuit.

How long does it stay lit? Our E-Lighters are designed to auto-shut off after 10 seconds for overheat and safety protection

Why won't it turn on while charging? For safety, we've also designed our E-Lighters to not turn on while it is charging or when the lid is closed.

How do I charge my E-Lighter? Every E-Lighter has a charging port at the bottom. You can use the charging cable that came with it and plug it into the lighter and the other end to any computer, charging brick, and even any car ports. Disconnect the power immediately after charging, do not connect the battery to the power supply for a long time because overload will shorten the battery life. 


How do I know if the E-Lighter is the right size for what I'm smoking? Our Classic Model is great for normal cigarettes, joints, and blunts. For bongs and bowls, our Slim Model would be better. If you need an E-Lighter that can do everything, then choose the Tool Model.