E-Lighter Slim

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  • Windproof and Flameless
  • USB Re-Chargeable 
  • Rustproof and Durable
  • Portable and Compact Design

Your Slim Travel Companion

Our E-Lighters have a portable and compact design that lets you take it anywhere. With rustproof and durable material, it can be used in any setting: lighting a candle, hiking, camping, smoking, BBQ.

Our E-Lighters are ECO Safe   


 Lead Material


Our current standard for lighters is destroying our environment. Disposable lighters are incredibly wasteful and end up polluting a lot of our natural systems because of its non-recyclable material. Mostly all lighters, even your average kitchen lighter, uses a gas fuel called Butane. Inhaling this gas is incredibly harmful to your body and can damage your liver and interfere with your body's homeostasis over time. We need to stop using these products and have a better standard for lighters.

One E-Lighter will last you years. Our E-lighters are designed to be ECO friendly by having a durable, rechargeable, and electric design. They're made from a zinc alloy material that does not contain any lead material. It doesn't use any gas so there is no harmful inhalants. Tell your friends and family to stop using harmful lighters and switch to E-Lighters because together, we can help make an impact and protect our environment.

*For your safety, this lighter will not charge when the lid is closed or during charging.